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How Can Key Person Insurance Help Your Business?

Running a successful business needs preparedness especially for the unknown. Since it is hard to predict the future, buying insurance for your business is a perfect way of staying prepared. For that reason, business owners should consider applying for key person insurance to make sure the future of the business is secure. This insurance involves … Read more

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Is It Legal to Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies in 2021?

If your loved ones depend on you, then you will need to have life insurance. Therefore, having life insurance can stop you from worrying about the living expenses of your dependents.  If something happens to you, life insurance provides financial support to your dependents. However, many people usually wonder if they can have multiple life … Read more

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What Income Protection Does Not Cover?

If you cannot go to work because of partial or total disability, income protection insurance pays you a monthly amount of up to 85% of your normal income. However, just the way there are two sides of the same coin, similarly, there are two sides of income protection insurance.  It is, therefore, important to know … Read more

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How to Choose the Right Key Person Insurance for Your Business?

A business can lose a key person due to disease, disability or even death. The loss of a key person can affect the expenses, revenue and profits of the business. Key person insurance protects the business from the sudden loss of the key person. Read on to learn the factors to consider before you buy … Read more

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5 Things To Know About Your TPD Insurance

What is TPD insurance? It pays the victim a lump sum if the victim becomes totally and permanently disabled and is unable to work due to an injury or illness. The payment covers the victim’s daily living expenses, medical and rehabilitation costs and debt, such as a personal loan or home loan.  Who needs TPD … Read more

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What is the Difference Between An Insurance Broker and an Insurance Agent?

A lot of people think insurance brokers and agents are the same since they both help obtain insurance coverage from insurance companies. However, there is a difference between an insurance broker and an agent. Insurance agents represent insurance companies, but insurance brokers represent consumers. Insurance agents can complete insurance sales, but insurance brokers cannot complete … Read more

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Why Should You Use an Insurance Broker?

Not using an insurance broker comes with several problems. It exposes the business to several risks. Business owners may end up with insufficient coverage or coverage that is not right for their business. And the business owner will not have the personalised experience that they will have when using a life insurance broker. Also read: … Read more

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How does Life Insurance pay-out work?

Life Insurance Policy: How Pay-Out Works? Life Insurance, also known as Death Cover or Term Life Insurance, makes a lump sum payout to nominated beneficiaries when the owner of the policy passes away during the term of the policy, or for a medically determined terminal illness where the insured is expected to live 24 months … Read more

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TPD Insurance Broker in Perth

What is TPD Insurance? Life in itself is very unpredictable. This is why everybody needs insurance of one form or another be it health, life, or many others. Totally and Permanently Disabled insurance is one of the must-have types of insurance for everyone.  This is especially for people with dependents suffering from permanent disability. Permanent … Read more