How is Trauma Insurance different from Total Permanent Disability Insurance?

What is Trauma Insurance?

Trauma insurance provides cover for a predetermined range of diseases, which includes events like heart attacks and cancer. These short-term life insurance products are designed to tide you over while you recover.

If you have an insurable incident, the provider will assist you with money to cover your current expenses. They also usually cover rehabilitation and medical treatment costs that your medical aid excludes.

It’s essential to speak to your financial adviser and find out precisely what illnesses the policy covers. The cover amount may differ depending on the disease diagnosed. 

The plan will come into effect as soon as you are diagnosed.

What is Total Permanent Disability Insurance?

The total cover provides an income or lump sum payment for when you become permanently disabled. It is designed to assist you with meeting your expenses if you are unable to work. It’s essential to check when your payouts are likely to come into effect.

There is sometimes an obligatory waiting period after the accident. In the interim, you’ll need to cover your expenses.

Disability policies offering job-specific coverage costs more, but the upside is that you’re covered if you can’t operate in the field.

Other policies only cover you if you’re unable to do any form of work. If you’re a surgeon and lose one hand, nothing stops you from becoming a janitor.

From this perspective, costlier job-specific policies are more secure.

What is the Difference?

The primary difference is at the policy payout.

Trauma insurance doesn’t need disability to claim, but not all illnesses qualify. The cover is there to help you while you’re recovering from treatment.

Disability insurance needs you to prove that you cannot work—either in your own or all professions, depending on your policy terms. The type of illness or injury doesn’t matter if you can no longer work.

For example, if you return to work after a massive heart attack, then it doesn’t count as a disability. It’s the reason many people purchase both types of cover simultaneously.

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