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Why Should You Hire a Life Insurance Broker?

Do you have problems when it comes to purchasing life insurance? If you’re not sure about the decisions that you make, then hire a Life Insurance Broker. Choosing your life insurance plan is an important task so when you’re not sure about choosing, we have a great life insurance broker just for you.

Greg Maguire - Life Insurance Broker in Perth

Greg Maguire - Your Perth Life Insurance Broker

Greg Maguire is a passionate insurance professional. He has an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Edith Cowan University. Before becoming a life insurance broker, he started as a primary school teacher. But because of the bureaucracy there, he made a career change for himself and his family.

As a life insurance broker, he serves his clients not for the money but to build a better relationship with them in the long run. He will provide you with the best insurance needs that you will require and get you the best deals out there.

Why Choose a Broker?

Buying life insurance directly from an insurer is more expensive than using a broker. You would save more if you purchase from a broker and they have access to an extensive number of life insurance companies that gives you a diversity of policy options.

They also have a great amount of experience and research on insurance policies, premiums, and features that allow you to compare with ease. They always keep you motivated and assist you to get good coverage for a lower price.

The best part of all is that they work for you and not for the insurance company. They make your needs and decisions their number one priority in order for you to meet your unique requirements.

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What Does a Life Insurance Broker Do?

The role of a life insurance broker entails a discussion about your life needs and conditions. This is to figure out what type of life insurance he could recommend for you to purchase. With the use of their knowledge and experience in the market and about the product, they can point out and suggest the correct insurance for you. Also, they properly assess the terms and conditions of your selected life insurance policy and continue to modify it in ways that would give you more advantages.

How Do Life Insurance Brokers Make Money?

With all the help that they give, you might wonder how they make money? For your information, on top of receiving a base salary from their employer, they also earn from commissions that they make when they successfully make a deal with their clients.

Not only that, they also charge fees from their clients whether they work for a certain company or if they work independently. You may be charged through a one-time payment or it depends on how long you can pay them.

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What Questions Should You Ask Your Life Insurance Broker?

When you ask for the aid of a life insurance broker, you need to ask them a few questions before making a deal with them. Here are the questions you ask:

  • Are you employed by a life insurance provider?
  • If yes, do you earn commissions from them?
  • How much do you ask for your services?
  • What makes you qualified to be a life insurance broker? Do you have any qualifications or licenses to provide?
  • Am I really required to have life insurance? If so, then what is the perfect option for me?

If you're ever in need of a life insurance broker, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Absolute Insurance will learn all about your needs and help you find a life insurance policy that best fits you.

Greg Maguire

Greg Maguire

Greg is an experienced Insurance Broker based in Perth, WA. He holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Edith Cowan University. He has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry WA since 2017. He likes giving back to the community so he's also part of Baldivis Rotary and Vice President of the local high school’s P&C (Parents & Citizens Association). Greg went into personal insurance brokering because he wanted to create a personal, one-to-one service that the larger, less efficient and less involved insurance firms simply can’t provide.


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