Life Insurance

Life insurance is a reliable back-up plan or safety net that ensures your benefactors will receive a lump sum should any misfortune happen to you.

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He spent a lot of time working with different providers to get us the best coverage possible with our pre-existing conditions as well as working through different insurance scenarios to balance the right level of coverage vs cost.

Michelle, Nollomara

What is Life Insurance?

As the breadwinner, should you become terminally ill or have a premature death, the life cover will pay a lump sum to your family that they can in turn use for debt payments, living expenses, educational fees. Life cover is also a great way to ensure that no matter what happens to you, your family will be able to bounce back financially.

Total & permanent disability is often bundled with life cover that helps rehabilitation and living expenses if you become permanently disabled.

Trauma coverage often encompasses significant illnesses and conditions that significantly affect your life.

Income protection covers you and your family should you be unable to work due to illnesses or injury.

Why Choose Absolute Insurance?

Absolute Insurance is a family-run business that provides top-of-the-line personally curated life insurance in Perth, Australia that knows the importance of family. They offer a unique experience in terms of insurance service.

They offer a personal approach to finding what plan gives you and your loved ones the best results. With more than two decades of experience, Absolute Insurance is known to find you the best life insurance plan in Perth that suits your needs.

Do I need Life Insurance?

Life insurance helps reduce financial risk by providing support to your dependents. It is a safety net for the people that will heavily depend on you.

If you have a steady income or run a business and you have small children, special-needs children, a spouse, or a long-term partner, you need life insurance. Having a financial safety net shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury.

How Much is Life Insurance in Australia?

In Australia, life insurance often costs between $3 to $32 monthly. Several factors influence the rate of your insurance premium.

Age is a critical factor in insurance premiums. As you age, you become a higher risk for insurers; hence, your premium cost will be higher.

Your lifestyle can also increase or decrease the cost of your Insurance. If you have risky hobbies or activities, then your Insurance might cost you more.

Occupation affects your Insurance. If you have a high-risk occupation like underground mining or construction work, your premium will be more expensive.

Your medical history, permanent medical conditions, smoking status, and coverage period are some of the additional elements that affect your premium costs.

How Does Life Insurance in Australia Work?

There are three ways on how you can purchase your life insurance.

You can purchase life insurance from an insurance adviser. They assess your financial situation and compare coverages to find what best fits you and your lifestyle.

Check out policies by yourself. You can work out the type of coverage that you want from different providers. Hence, you’ll be able to construct your policy precisely the way you like it.

Superannuation life insurance is often cheaper coverage with limited options. These insurances are usually paid through superannuation contributions.

What is Life Insurance Best?

With life insurance, you have to choose what you want your coverage to have. On the other hand, you can also choose to bundle life insurance together. For example, you can have life coverage and income coverage together.

Since it’s impossible to predict the future, getting full coverage would be best, especially if you have family looking at you for financial support.


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