Personal Trainers: Securing Your Strength, Protecting Your Future

Personal Trainers: Securing Your Strength, Protecting Your Future

At Absolute Insurance, we understand the unique risks and responsibilities that come with being a personal trainer.

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Personal training is a dynamic and fulfilling profession. You dedicate your life to helping others achieve their health goals, improving their fitness, and building their confidence. At Absolute Insurance, we understand the unique risks and responsibilities that come with being a personal trainer. That's why we've developed insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your professional and personal needs.

Why Personal Trainers Need Specialised Insurance

As a personal trainer, your career revolves around the well-being of others. But who takes care of your well-being? The physical demands of personal training, combined with the various liabilities you face, mean that context-specific insurance coverage is not just a luxury but a necessity.

From potential injuries during training sessions to client claims, the risks are varied and unpredictable. Comprehensive, long-term insurance can provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you do best: training and inspiring your clients.


Life Insurance

Life insurance ensures that your loved ones are taken care of financially, should the unexpected happen. Our life insurance policies can help cover funeral costs and outstanding debts, and provide a financial cushion for your family. Given the personal relationships many trainers build with their clients, having life insurance also offers reassurance that personal matters are handled, allowing your professional legacy to remain intact.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance

TPD insurance provides financial support if you become permanently disabled and are unable to work. In a physically demanding job like personal training, the risk of such eventualities is higher. Our TPD policies are designed to offer you and your family financial security during such challenging times, covering medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and everyday living expenses.

Income Protection Insurance

What would happen if an injury or illness prevented you from working? Income protection insurance replaces a portion of your monthly income, ensuring you can maintain your standard of living while you recover. This type of coverage is essential for personal trainers who rely on their physical ability to perform their jobs.

Why Choose Absolute Insurance?

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With years of experience in the insurance sector and a deep understanding of the fitness industry, Absolute Insurance knows precisely what personal trainers need. We make sure to offer the best terms and conditions that align with your professional responsibilities and risks.

Hassle-Free Claims Process

Our streamlined and transparent claims process ensures that you receive the support you need when you need it most. We handle all claims with the utmost care and speed, helping you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Sports and gym activities


We believe in personalised service and strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our team of dedicated advisors will walk you through each policy, ensuring you have a complete understanding and find the coverage that best suits your unique requirements.


Secure your future and protect what matters most with Absolute Insurance. If you’re a personal trainer looking for comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experts are here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Transform your peace of mind with Absolute Insurance—where we focus on protecting you, while you focus on training and inspiring others. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Absolute Insurance today. Your future self will thank you.