Police Officers: Protecting Those Who Protect Us

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He spent a lot of time working with different providers to get us the best coverage possible with our pre-existing conditions as well as working through different insurance scenarios to balance the right level of coverage vs cost.

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Police work is a highly demanding and unpredictable profession, where officers are faced with dangerous and challenging situations on a daily basis. They put their lives at risk to protect and serve the community, often facing physical, emotional, and mental trauma in the line of duty. At Absolute Insurance, we understand the unique risks and responsibilities that come with being a police officer, and we are here to offer comprehensive insurance solutions to help protect those who protect us.

As a trusted and established insurance provider in Australia, we have always been committed to offering tailored coverage for various professions and occupations. We have valuable insights into the specific needs and risks of police officers and design insurance packages that cater to their individual needs to provide them with the necessary protection and peace of mind.

Life Insurance for Police Officers

As a police officer, your job involves constantly putting your life on the line. This is why life insurance is crucial to ensuring that your family is financially secure in the event of your untimely death. At Absolute Insurance, we conduct thorough risk assessments and work closely with you to determine the right coverage based on your specific circumstances and needs.

Income Protection for the Unforeseen

In addition to the risk of death and permanent disability, police officers are also susceptible to injuries and illnesses that can prevent them from working for an extended period. With our income protection insurance, we ensure that you have a safety net in case you are unable to work. This coverage will provide you with a replacement income for a specified period, giving you and your family the financial stability you need to focus on your recovery.

Trauma Insurance for Added Protection

Apart from physical risks, police officers are also exposed to traumatic and stressful situations that can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. Our trauma insurance aims to provide financial support in case you are diagnosed with a critical illness or experience a traumatic event. This coverage can help cover medical expenses, loss of income, and other expenses that may arise during your recovery.

Why Choose a Broker for Your Insurance Needs as a Police Officer?

As a police officer, we know that your job is incredibly demanding, and your time is valuable. This is why we offer a convenient and efficient service by providing a dedicated broker who will guide you through the entire insurance process. Our brokers have extensive knowledge and experience in insurance for police officers and will work with you to ensure that you understand your coverage and make informed decisions.

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Partner with Absolute Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage

At Absolute Insurance, our goal is to provide comprehensive coverage that addresses the unique risks faced by police officers. We are dedicated to serving those who serve and protect our community. We are a trusted and reliable insurance provider, and our team of dedicated brokers is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help protect you and your family.

Greg Maguire

Greg Maguire

Greg is an experienced Insurance Broker based in Perth, WA. He holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Edith Cowan University. He has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry WA since 2017. He likes giving back to the community so he's also part of Baldivis Rotary and Vice President of the local high school’s P&C (Parents & Citizens Association). Greg went into personal insurance brokering because he wanted to create a personal, one-to-one service that the larger, less efficient and less involved insurance firms simply can’t provide.


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