Reasons for Personal Training Insurance

Personal Training Insurance

Personal trainers are individuals certified to guide people in their physical fitness endeavours. Personal trainers understand as much about the body as they do about exercise. They know what type of exercises produce certain results, and they know how to exercise safely to avoid injuries. Regardless of the type of guidance provided by personal trainers, injuries still do happen, but when a client is on their personal trainer’s clock, the trainer is responsible, and that is where personal training insurance comes in.

Why do Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

There are two main circumstances when it becomes clear that a personal trainer needs insurance. The first one involves having an accident during a session that causes your client an injury. Another common scenario is when a client is unhappy with the results of their training and accuses you of negligence. If either of these scenarios arises and you are found to be negligent, you could be liable for any personal injury claim filed against you. Without insurance, you would be paying any damages out of your own pocket.

Insurance Types

There are a few different types of insurance that are ideal for personal trainers. The first is professional indemnity insurance. If one of your clients sustain an injury due to the result of your training or advice, professional indemnity insurance will protect you in the event that a personal injury claim or a lawsuit is filed against you.

Public liability insurance is ideal for personal trainers who own a gym or conduct sessions at client’s homes. If a client injures themselves during one of your sessions or on your premises, public liability insurance protects you.

Personal Accident Insurance protects trainers who are injured and cannot continue their work. This type of insurance can provide you with supplemental income while you are unable to work.

Anyone whose job involves caring for another person is potentially liable for damages if the person is injured while in their care or responsibility. Personal trainers’ responsibilities include imparting accurate knowledge regarding physical care and exercise, exercise equipment, and injury prevention.

Having personal training insurance can help provide trainers with the peace of mind of knowing that they are protected against the injuries of others and themselves. Investing in an personal insurance in Perth delivered by a reliable insurance company like Absolute insurance can allow you to focus on the best part of the job: your clients and their goals.

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Greg Maguire

Greg Maguire

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