TPD Insurance Broker in Perth

What is TPD Insurance?

Life in itself is very unpredictable. This is why everybody needs insurance of one form or another be it health, life, or many others. Totally and Permanently Disabled insurance is one of the must-have types of insurance for everyone. 

This is especially for people with dependents suffering from permanent disability. Permanent disability incapacitates a person from their potential even with regards to providing for their family. TPD insurance covers individuals in the case of disability in a specific occupation. Some types go over and beyond to cover clients from disability in any occupation. 

The cost of these types of insurance normally depends on the type of cover chosen. Covers that insure against disability from any occupation tend to be cheaper than specific ones. Needless to say, subscribing to one type of TPD insurance cover or the other is important. After all, better to be safe than sorry. 

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TPD insurance broker at work

Why Choose a Broker for TPD Insurance?

Choosing a broker to help in buying insurance is easier than buying directly. Brokers are experts in this field and they know of the best deals in the market. A broker also helps a client to understand the various options available for them at a fair price. A broker will also offer guidance in the application process.

Additionally, a broker will offer education on all probable risks and ways of mitigating them. A client will make a more informed decision with the help of a broker. It is also the broker that helps in lodging a TPD insurance claim in case the risk happens. With a broker, a client is guaranteed to have expert support all through. Also, in case you are looking for a life insurance broker, click here.

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Greg Maguire - Insurance Broker in Perth

Meet Greg – Your TPD Insurance Broker

Absolute Insurance has been offering excellent insurance services since 1998 with Greg Maguire as the principal. The company is unique in that it understands the needs of its clients. Absolute Insurance understands the importance of securing a client’s source of income. Also, clients stand to gain peace of mind because they know that the company has them covered.

The company is passionate about making sure its clients have an easy time acquiring insurance. Most importantly, they help in securing the best deals in the market. The company is flexible enough to cater to clients with different budgets. They are the go-to for all TPD insurance needs.

The Benefits of TPD Insurance

With TPD insurance, a client is guaranteed financial security even if they become permanently disabled. The insurance benefit can be used to cater for expenses such as mortgages, medical expenses, home remodels, and any other needed lifestyle adjustments. TPD insurance also includes many benefits like the TPD death benefit where the company pays a lump sum to the insured’s family in case of death.

The cover also includes future insurability benefits where clients are allowed to increase their sum insured. Secondly, it has a financial planning benefit where clients are reimbursed up to $5000 for preparing a financial plan. The counselling benefit also applies to members who pay for over 10 counselling sessions annually.

Get in Touch With Absolute Insurance

Peace of mind is crucial for anyone to thrive financially. Luckily, that is exactly what Absolute Insurance offers to all clients. The insurance market is also not easy to navigate. 

But with a good partner like Absolute Insurance, you can rest easy! Contact Absolute Insurance and get insured against Total and Permanent Disability Today!