TPD Insurance Claims

TPD Insurance Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, TPD insurance offers financial advantages to people who cannot work in their normal occupation any more, or any other job role that they are qualified for because of poor health, or physical or mental disability.

People who are injured severely, or who did not have a job when they became disabled, might be subject to different rules. In these situations, people are normally defined as being unable to care for themselves, or unable to perform basic living tasks like walking, cooking, bathing or dressing.

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Am I Eligible for TPD (Total and Permanent Disability)?

To receive TPD payments, you will have to demonstrate that your illness or injury prevents you from holding down a job, and that you cannot carry on doing your regular job or any other role that matches your education, expertise or training.

In contrast to other injury claims, if you claim for TPD it is not necessary to show that the illness or injury was someone else’s fault, or that you became disabled at work.

For instance, if you are a cancer sufferer, or have a mental health problem like schizophrenia and cannot work, you can still get benefits. You simply have to prove that the illness or injury is notable and has prevented you from earning a salary, or has significantly affected your ability to perform day to day activities.

How Much Money Will I Receive?

As long as you satisfy the appropriate criteria, you can get your insurance benefits and gain early Superannuation access. Such payments might come in one go, or in frequent installments.

As far as the amount of money that might be paid, this is based on the kind of insurance policy you have, and the amount you are covered for. Normally, these details are mentioned in the small print of your statements or policy.

Most of the time, these payments are offered alongside Centrelink payments and other compensation you might receive for the illness or injury.

tpd insurance claims

What Proof do I Require for TPD Insurance Claims?

All claims need supporting medical documents, demonstrating that you satisfy the conditions for TPD. Physicians will have to be comprehensively briefed about the associated definitions and how they should be interpreted. Nonetheless, medical issues are only one aspect of qualifying for TPD.

Every aspect of your training, education and job history needs to be examined and proof shown as to why it is not possible for you to do job that may be classed as suitable.

Although you might be medically cleared to work in an office job, you might lack the expertise, aptitude and knowledge required to land a role that suits you. Are jobs being advertised near to your home address? What additional obstacles stand in your way of becoming employed?

Getting hired is great, however keeping that job over the long term might be more difficult, due to the illness or injury. If you can get a job but not sustain it, you might still qualify for TPD benefits.

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