We’ve put together an assortment of blog posts that answer common questions you may have about personal insurance, insurance brokers and superannuation strategies. Don’t forget you can always get in touch with us if you have a specific query too!

Income Protection

What is Key Person Insurance?

What is Key Person Insurance One of the most important types of business insurance is known as key person insurance. Although not talked about that much, losing a person who does a lot for a small business suddenly can cause a lot of issues. This is when this type of insurance can kick in and … Read more

personal training insurance

Reasons for Personal Training Insurance

Personal Training Insurance Personal trainers are individuals certified to guide people in their physical fitness endeavours. Personal trainers understand as much about the body as they do about exercise. They know what type of exercises produce certain results, and they know how to exercise safely to avoid injuries. Regardless of the type of guidance provided … Read more

Income Protection

Understanding Income Protection Insurance

Australians are often confused about life insurance policies. People typically find it hard to see the wood for the trees. Consequently, lots of us do not fully understand the advantages offered by these policies. Income Protection Cover in Focus Income protection cover will pay you as much as seventy-five percent of your income each month … Read more

superannuation advice

An insight into Personal Insurance

What is Personal Insurance? Personal insurance is a special kind of cover that is tailor-made to offer security to an individual and their family when risks arise. Such risks include illnesses, disability, and even death. With an insurance cover, one can absorb the financial strain caused by the risks and sort out their daily expenses. … Read more

superannuation advice

Superannuation advice for all ages

Superannuation Advice Your super is probably one of the most valuable things that you will ever own, but most Australians don’t pay that much attention to it until it is too late. A survey recently revealed that a whopping 50 per cent of Australians have never consulted a financial planner or taken any other step … Read more

tpd insurance claims

TPD Insurance Claims

TPD Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions Typically, TPD insurance offers financial advantages to people who cannot work in their normal occupation any more, or any other job role that they are qualified for because of poor health, or physical or mental disability. People who are injured severely, or who did not have a job when … Read more

tpd insurance claims

What is Trauma Insurance?

Insurance is available in all forms. Among the most popular insurance options are life and income insurance. These insurance options play a vital role in ensuring one’s well-being and ability to ‘bounce back’ or recover should there be an unfortunate event. One type of insurance that is hardly ever considered, however, is that of trauma … Read more

life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Life insurance is the lump sum paid to your family in case of your death or a terminal illness. The benefit of life insurance is the financial security provided to your family after you pass away. What are the different kinds of life insurance? There are many kinds of life insurance that help … Read more

Is Life Insurance Worth the Cost?

Life insurance is a grudge purchase for many people. We all know that personal insurance plans are an important part of financial planning, but it’s morbid to think about our mortality. That’s the reason many Perth residents put off taking out term life policies as long as possible. Some other common reasons for putting things … Read more